The Nu-Phalt infrared Road Repair System

We're Driving Productivity!

We're Driving Productivity!

Business is growing fast at Pro-Phalt and recent successes have meant that we are busier than ever...and it doesn’t seem to be slowing!

Feedback from our customers has also shown that productivity is high and there is a demand for more materials on board.

As our Infrared Road Repair System grows from strength to strength in the marketplace, we have strived to increase productivity, safety and reliability with a number of key innovations.

Therefore, Pro-Phalt is pleased to announce there is now an option available to increase the system vehicle Gross Vehicle Weight capacity from 3.5 tonnes to 3.9 tonnes. This increased GVW capability allows our customers a significant increase in the payload that can be carried at any one time.

More materials onboard allows for more repairs each day and reduces wasted time travelling back and forth to the depot to re-stock the vehicle or waiting for additional materials to be delivered to the work area. 

Pro-Phalt has worked closely with a specialist vehicle technology company which has over 10 years experience in providing suspension equipment approved by the motor manufacturers, to up-rate our system vehicles.

Fitted to our vehicle, the suspension upgrades allow the standard suspension to work unhindered under normal driving conditions. When working under heavy loads, the additional equipment provides progressive resistance as the load increases. Take up of the load is very smooth, resulting in improved ride, increased stability and better safety. There's also much less wear and tear on the suspension.

Once the Suspension kit has been installed by Pro-Phalt’s experienced technicians, the vehicle is independently tested by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), re-registered and plated with the increased capacity.

So customers can now benefit from this increased capacity by:-

  • Increased payload capacity
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced downtime whilst waiting for materials
  • Peace of mind – avoids overloading issues
  • VOSA Independent vehicle check
  • Manufacturers approval