The Nu-Phalt infrared Road Repair System

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Prophalt Infra-Red pothole road repair technology continues with great success

April 14 – To date

All the Prophalt contracts are running smoothly across the country at the moment, with teams working in KZN , the Free State and Gauteng. If you live in the Emfuleni (Gauteng) , Umngeni, (KZN) Hobhouse / Ladybrand (FS) regions please give a little hoot of acknowledgement as you drive by our teams working hard, permanently fixing your potholes. These are all 3 year contracts, which means you will definitely see one of our systems working if you live in these provinces.


Emfuleni Municipality comes alive with safer roads for all residents

November 2013 – March 2014

Good news for Vaal residents!! Prophalt have been awarded a 3 year contract for the Emfuleni Local Municipality. Prophalt have 5 vehicles operating on this contract. If you are in the Vanderbijlpark, Vereeniging or surrounding area’s look out for our teams doing a what they do best, which is fix potholes of course!!


Namibia Pilot Pothole Project a great success

October / November 2013

Prophalt were awarded a Pilot project in Namibia. We successfully completed this pilot project in 4 weeks in the beautiful town of Windhoek. We hope to be back soon in this wonderful country.


Police Roads, Transport and Roads Free State Province – Prophalt continue to deliver ahead of schedule

November / December 2013

WOW, Prophalt have successfully completed the extension granted to them by the Free State Department of Roads. We are “holding our breath” for the new financial year and budget to kick in. This budget comes into effect on the 1st of April 2014, which is when our teams will be will continue their “blistering” pace!


Police Roads, Transport and Roads Free State Province – Delivery continues

May 2013 – November 2013

Completed first year of Free state contract 6 months early!! We have completed 20 000 sqm of potholes. The Free State Department of Police, Roads and Transport have just been awarded Prophalt a 20% extension on this contract, while we wait for the second year budget to kick in!


Police Roads, Transport and Roads Free State Province – Delivery continues

April 2013

Prophalt have been awarded a 2 year contract with the Free state Department of Police, Roads and Transport. This contract will commence from May 2013 and extend to May 2015. We look forward to helping the Free state Province address their Pothole crisis.


Good news for Hilton and Howick residents!

April 2013

Prophalt have been awarded a contract for the uMngeni Municipality. We have started with 2 systems in Hilton and will be moving into Howick shortly.


Prophalt awarded a contract with Msunduzi Municipality

February 2013

Prophalt have been awarded a contract with Msunduzi Municipality (Pietermaritzburg). We have two systems working on this contract, and are doing night shifts in CBD, as the city is gridlocked during the day.

We have teams working in the suburbs and disadvantaged areas during the day light hours and teams working at night in the city centre. If you see them give them a coffee please!


Great News!

September 2012 - December 2012

Prophalt have been awarded a contract with the KZN Department of Transport. We have 4 systems working on this contract and have been able to hit targets of 200m2 in a day.

Heavy rain has caused interruptions, but happy to announce zero failures on work done.


Department of Police, Transport and Roads in the Free State appoint Prophalt to provide permanent pothole repair solution to the relevant roads in the Free State region.

August 2012

Freetrans, the Department of Police, Transport and Roads in the Free State appointed Prophalt to repair 2000 potholes on the road between Zastron and Wepener. We were able to finish the project ahead of schedule with us completing 2000 potholes in 6 weeks. This road is notoriously bad, with many accidents occurring every month. There were over 2000 potholes in the first 6km of road, and the client is hopefully going to grant an extension on this project, so we can complete the full 70 km of road. The Prophalt team worked well in extreme conditions, with morning temperatures starting at -7 degrees Celsius.

Prophalt employed local community staff from this region as part of our social upliftment program to disadvantaged communities in this region. Our upliftment program is growing from strength to strength with us providing new job skills to our disadvantaged communities on an ongoing basis.

All Freetrans engineers were extremely happy with our performance and quality, and have recommended us for an extension on this contract in the near future. Watch this space!


Sanral under Concor Road Construction appoints Prophalt as the solution for Pothole repairs.

January 2012

Concor a large road construction company carrying out works for Sanral has appointed Prophalt to carry out a pothole and delamination repair project on the Brooks Neck road section in Kokstad. The project is going extremely well. Concor road engineers have been very impressed with the efficiency and speed the road repairs have been carried out. The Prophalt system continues to strive ahead as the technology of the future for pothole hole road repairs.


Johannesburg Road Agency takes on Prophalts Infrared pothole Road repair system

September 2011

The Johannesburg Road agency has appointed Prophalts contractors to repair 20000 potholes in the Johannesburg region. Prophalts cutting Edge Infrared pothole repair technology will be used on this pilot program as the preferred system. The pothole repair program with JRA commenced on the 29th September 2011. Each vehicle with the Prophalt system housed in it is averaging around 50-55 pothole repairs a day. These repairs are permanent and JRA are extremely impressed with the efficiency and the number of pothole repairs being done on a daily basis.


Pro-Phalt Gains Momentum

February 2010

Prophalt gains momentum with the carrying out of live demonstrations to the private sector as well as to all government road agencies nationwide. The response and the feedback has been unbelievable and all the hard work has finally paid off with sale orders starting to be generated. The road show will continue for the next 6 months.


Pro-Phalt Launches!

15th June 2009

The solution to South Africa's road repair problem is here. Pro-Phalt Ltd offers the next generation of road repair, an infrared heater which is faster, greener, safer and more cost-effective than traditional road repair methods.