The Nu-Phalt infrared Road Repair System

The Pro-Phalt Infrared Road Repair System

A revolution in road and pothole repair

The patented Pro-Phalt Infrared Road Repair System mends surface defects such as potholes by recycling the existing macadam using infrared technology.

A seamless and longer-lasting repair... in just 20 minutes

[pic of repaired defect]Because we use infrared, the road or pothole repair is joint-free. This lengthens the lifespan of the repair and creates a safer surface for cyclists, pedestrians and motorbikes.

A typical pothole repair can be completed with just one van and two operators in approximately 20 minutes, meaning less disruption to traffic flow and the public.

Not just for pothole repairs! The Pro-Phalt Infrared Road Repair System is equally effective for potholes, trench surface repairs, and reinstatement of failed joints and seams (particularly around ironware and street furniture).

Better for the environment

The Scottish Institute of Sustainable Technology (SISTech) has officially recognised the eco benefits of the Pro-Phalt system in a recent report:

[recycle logo] "The results show that the process has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than the traditional process, emitting less than one seventh of that of the traditional method per pothole repair."

How does it work?

The Pro-Phalt Infrared Road Repair System heats the surface area of the pothole to 180-200° to recycle the existing macadam and bonds it to a minimum amount of new material. A water-based anionic binder is added to the repair, raked and then rolled for a seamless joint. Our unique NIT heater raises the road surface to an ambient temperature by a pulsed micro wave effect which ensures there is no adverse effect or burning of existing surface.

The entire heat cycle takes around 8 minutes, which is half that other systems on the market. The speed and efficiency of the system - including the on-board 'hot box' - uses significantly less gas with the dual bottles capable of up to 150 burns or 5 days work. The productivity of the Pro-Phalt Infrared Road Repair System is industry-leading.

For details about how the Pro-Phalt Infrared Road Repair System works, download our information sheet.

Faster, safer, and more cost-effective

  • No waste to dispose of
  • No noisy jack hammering
  • No dust
  • No saw cutting or breaking out
  • No need for multiple vehicles
  • Faster repair time
  • Significant cost savings of up to 40%
  • Reduces traffic disruption
  • Lasts longer than a traditional repair
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Recycles all existing material
  • Self-contained in a single vehicle
  • Highly flexible system

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