The Nu-Phalt infrared Road Repair System

Frequently Asked Questions


How do the costs compare to traditional methods?
The Pro-Phalt Infrared Road Repair system provides substantial savings in materials, manpower and equipment making it significantly more cost-effective than conventional repairs, with no waste products to transport or landfill. Savings against traditional repairs can be up to 40%, and the repairs are on average longer-lasting and seamless.

Is it expensive?
No. The Pro-Phalt system is much more cost-effective that traditional methods of diamond sawing, jack hammering then removing the whole area, or even when considering road planing of patches. Fewer operatives and vehicles are required, and no need to bring in asphalt replacements as the system contains everything required for ‘in-situ- repairs. The Pro-Phalt Infrared Road Repair System also creates a longer-lasting, more durable repair, reducing the need for remedial visits at a later date.

How soon after a repair can you drive over it?
Once the repaired surface has returned close to normal surface temperature. This is dependent on the original surface material and inclement weather, but even in poor conditions is usually no longer than 30 minutes.

I've seen other infrared repair systems on the market, how is Pro-Phalt different?
The patented system spent six years in research and development to ensure it meets and exceeds the highest standards of productivity, Health & Safety, environmental performance and cost-efficiency .


What is infrared?
Infrared is a ray of light that is just beyond red in the spectrum and cannot be seen by the naked eye. Infrared produces radiation which in turn provides heat. This heat source, as utilised in the Pro-Phalt Infrared Road Repair System, is perfectly safe.

What type of asphalt materials can be repaired?
Pro-Phalt infrared systems can be used on virtually all types of “blacktop” repairs. Pro-Phalt systems are also ideal for repairs to footpaths and car parks and may be used on Stone Mastic Asphalts and Ultra Thin surfaces similar to ULM etc.

What types of work can be infrared be used for?
Not just for pothole repairs, the Pro-Phalt Infrared Road Repair System is equally effective for potholes, trench surface repairs, and reinstatement of failed joints and seams (particularly around ironware and street furniture). The system is ideal for road and motorway repairs as well as footpaths, car parks and other asphalt surfaces.

Are there any usage restrictions?
The Pro-Phalt Infrared Road Repair System may not operate in very heavy rain where water fills the area as work progresses. The system can be used during very light rain or following heavy downpours, as long as the area is swept clear prior to operation. We do not recommend working when temperatures fall below freezing. Although this does not prevent the system operating, some wearing course material may not bond well at below zero temperatures. The system can only be used by trained operatives following Health & Safety procedures.

What depth can be repaired?
A Pro-Phalt repair is an integral part of the existing asphalt structure. Pro-Phalt infrared heaters are fully controlled by on-board microprocessors that allow the operators to select the correct settings to suit all requirements. If for example there is a pothole with a 150mm failed depth, it will allow recovery of the asphalt into the sub-base and base course. If you require work on thin wearing course, or within surface dressed roads, then the operator simply sets the system to suit these applications.

How good is the repair?
The Pro-Phalt Infrared Road Repair System provides a full thermal bond, creating an integral structure with the original asphalt. The resulting repair is seamless and longer-lasting, and in many cases permanent.

How much labour is required?
The Pro-Phalt infrared system requires only two people and one van to complete the repair.

How long does it take to repair a pothole?
From beginning to end, around 20 minutes for a typical one square metre repair. Less than half of this is the Pro-Phalt infrared heater cycle, which is pre-set at eight minutes for all applications. The productivity of the Pro-Phalt Infrared Road Repair System is industry-leading.

Health and Safety

Is the system safe?
Yes, system operatives and the public are totally safe. The Pro-Phalt Infrared Road Repair System has been very carefully designed and constructed using the very latest technology that has been fully tested to meet safety standards.

Does the system emit any gas fumes?
The Pro-Phalt Infrared Road Repair System generates approximately one quarter of the Carbon Monoxide emissions normally produced by a domestic boiler. This is a very safe figure which allows work to be completed in closed working conditions such as under bridges and in tunnels. The system emits around one-seventh of the Co2 of traditional road repairs, and has won several major awards for environmental performance.

Is the heater heavy to move and operate?
All equipment required for the repair is contained in one vehicle. The infrared heater, sized 1x1 metre or 2x1 metre, is moved out of the vehicle and returned after work using a telescopic  electric winch with the simple push of a button, removing the need for manual handling. Unlike traditional road repair methods, there are no risks of hand/arm vibration injuries as no diamond sawing or the use of percussive road breakers is required.