The Nu-Phalt infrared Road Repair System

Pro-Phalt Contracting

[photo of operatives]Pro-Phalt Contracting offers the next-generation solution for your road, car park and driveway pothole repairs. Our patented infrared system offers considerable time, cost and CO2 savings compared to traditional methods.

The Pro-Phalt Infrared Road Repair System has been proven to reduce costs by up to 40% when compared to traditional pothole repair methods.

Cost savings

  • No waste means no recycling or waste disposal costs
  • Faster repair means the area is operational again quickly
  • Minimal new material required to complete works
  • Longer-lasting, seamless repairs could reduce accident compensation claims

[safecontractor logo]Repairs are carried out by Pro-Phalt Accredited System Operatives, using a SAFEcontractor-approved process.

Pro-Phalt Contracting is ideal for reactive response to repairs and multi-site projects.

Not just for pothole repairs! The Pro-Phalt Infrared Road Repair System is equally effective for potholes, trench surface repairs, and reinstatement of failed joints and seams (particularly around ironware and street furniture).

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