The Nu-Phalt infrared Road Repair System

Car Park Management

photo of car parkPro-Phalt is a leading provider of infrared car park repairs, from a single pothole repair to a complete equipment leasing solution.

Your customers' convenience is paramount, and our solution results in less downtime for your car park than traditional methods. We aim to minimise disruption caused by surfacing defects and potholes to your business and customers, and because a typical Pro-Phalt repair takes just 20 minutes, you can be operational again quickly.

Alternatively, we can work overnight, eliminating disruption to your customers entirely. And because our system is so quiet, we won't disturb the neighbours!

The area needed for surfacing or pothole repair is also minimised, as our entire asphalt repair system is self-contained in just one vehicle. Because there is no jack hammering or sawing required, we simply drive the van to the pothole, complete the repair in a small coned-off area, and drive away.

  • Minimal or no disruption to your customers as we can work overnight
  • More of the area remains operational during the repair thanks to our minimal one-van system
  • A typical repair takes just 20 minutes
  • Reduced noise, no dust, and no waste.

Your green credentials

[recycle logo] The public, government and industry are increasingly concerned about emissions, so Pro-Phalt is proud to be the environmentally-friendly solution to car park repair, generating less than a seventh of the CO2 of traditional repairs.

Pro-Phalt repairs can prolong the life of the pothole area for up to five years.

A fast, cost-effective service

Our initial demonstration and consultation is free of charge, and the Pro-Phalt Infrared Road Repair System has been proven to reduce costs by up to 40% compared to traditional repair methods. We also offer ancillary services for a complete management solution.

Our repairs are carried out by Pro-Phalt Accredited System Operatives, using a SAFEcontractor-approved process.

Not just for pothole repairs! The Pro-Phalt Infrared Road Repair System is equally effective for potholes, trench surface repairs, and reinstatement of failed joints and seams (particularly around ironware and street furniture).

For your free, no-obligation quotation, or to discuss your car park maintenance requirements, call Pro-Phalt today on 0027 (31) 9032021, email us on or click here for our fast contact form.